Dark matter and dark energy - Fact or fiction?


Mannheim, P. (2005). Dark matter and dark energy - Fact or fiction?. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/05110020


Mannheim, Philip. Dark matter and dark energy - Fact or fiction?. Perimeter Institute, Nov. 23, 2005, https://pirsa.org/05110020


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Philip Mannheim University of Connecticut


We show that the origin of the dark matter and dark energy problems originates in the assumption of standard Einstein gravity that Newton's constant is fundamental. We discuss an alternate, conformal invariant, metric theory of gravity in which Newton's constant is induced dynamically, with the global induced one which is effective for cosmology being altogether weaker than the local induced one needed for the solar system. We find that in the theory dark matter is no longer needed, and that the accelerating universe data can be fitted without fine-tuning using a cosmological constant as large as particle physics suggests. In the conformal theory then it is not the cosmological constant which is quenched but rather the amount of gravity that it produces.