Confining the electroweak model to a brane


Palma, G. (2006). Confining the electroweak model to a brane. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/06010023


Palma, Gonzalo. Confining the electroweak model to a brane. Perimeter Institute, Jan. 31, 2006, https://pirsa.org/06010023


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From the Quantum Field Theory point of view, matter and gauge fields are generally expected to be localised around branes (topological defects) occurring in extra dimensions. I will discuss a simple scenario where, by starting with a five dimensional SU(3) gauge theory, we end up with several 4-D parallel braneworlds with localised 'chiral' fermions and gauge fields to them. I will show that it is possible to reproduce the electroweak model confined to a single brane, allowing a simple and geometrical approach to the hierarchy problem. Some nice results of this construction are: Gauge and Higgs fields are unified at the 5-D level; and new particles are predicted: a left-handed neutrino (with zero-hypercharge) and a massive vector field coupling together the new neutrino to other leptons.