Introduction to quantum gravity - Part 20


Oriti, D. (2006). Introduction to quantum gravity - Part 20. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/06030028


Oriti, Daniele. Introduction to quantum gravity - Part 20. Perimeter Institute, Mar. 30, 2006, https://pirsa.org/06030028


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Daniele Oriti Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitiät München (LMU)


This is an introduction to background independent quantum theories of gravity, with a focus on loop quantum gravity and related approaches. Basic texts: -Quantum Gravity, by Carlo Rovelli, Cambridge University Press 2005 -Quantum gravityy with a positive cosmological constant, Lee Smolin, hep-th/0209079 -Invitation to loop quantum gravity, Lee Smolin, hep-th/0408048 -Gauge fields, knots and gravity, JC Baez, JP Muniain Prerequisites: -undergraduate quantum mechanics -basics of classical gauge field theories -basic general relativity -hamiltonian and lagrangian mechanics -basics of lie algebras