Non-Gaussianities from Multi-Field Inflation


Battefeld, T. (2006). Non-Gaussianities from Multi-Field Inflation. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/06120020


Battefeld, Thorsten. Non-Gaussianities from Multi-Field Inflation. Perimeter Institute, Dec. 05, 2006, https://pirsa.org/06120020


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Thorsten Battefeld Brown University


Non-Gaussianities are a generic prediction of multi-field inflationary models and within reach of upcoming experiments. After reviewing current observational limits and the physical origin of a non-zero three point correlation function, I will discuss the possibility of detectable non-Gaussian signatures in a certain class of multi-field inflationary models, upon which assisted inflation/N-flation lies. Using the delta-N formalism within the slow roll approximation and focusing on N-flation (quadratic potentials without cross-coupling), we will see that said signatures are suppressed as the number of e-foldings grows, and that this suppression is increased in models with a broad spectrum of masses. We thus conclude that the production of a large non-Gaussian signal in models of this type is very unlikely.