Holographic QCD and Pion Mass


Hashimoto, K. (2007). Holographic QCD and Pion Mass. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/07030007


Hashimoto, Koji. Holographic QCD and Pion Mass. Perimeter Institute, Mar. 20, 2007, https://pirsa.org/07030007


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Koji Hashimoto Osaka University - Department of Physics


To realize massive pions, I propose a variation of the holographic model of massless QCD using the D4/D8/D8bar-brane configuration proposed by Sakai and Sugimoto. The deformation breaks the chiral symmetry explicitly and I compute the mass of the pions and vector mesons. The observed value of the pion mass can be obtained. I also argue a chiral perturbation corresponding to the deformation.