Can We Detect Dynamics in Dark Energy?


Cortes, M. (2007). Can We Detect Dynamics in Dark Energy?. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/07120018


Cortes, Marina. Can We Detect Dynamics in Dark Energy?. Perimeter Institute, Dec. 03, 2007, https://pirsa.org/07120018


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Marina Cortes Institute for Astrophysics and Space Sciences

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We highlight the unexpected impact of nucleosynthesis on the detectability of tracking quintessence dynamics at late times, showing that dynamics may be invisible until Stage-IV dark energy experiments (DUNE, JDEM, LSST, SKA). Nucleosynthesis forces |wŒ(0)| <0.2 for the models we consider and strongly limits potential deviations from _LCDM . Surprisingly, the standard CPL parametrisation, w(z) = w0 +waz/(1+z), cannot match the nucleosynthesis bound for minimally coupled tracking scalar fields. Given that such models are arguably the best-motivated alternatives to a cosmological constant these results may significantly impact future cosmological survey design and imply that dark energy may be dynamical even if we do not detect any dynamics in the next decade.