The Two State Vector Formalism.


Vaidman, L. (2008). The Two State Vector Formalism.. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/08090067


Vaidman, Lev. The Two State Vector Formalism.. Perimeter Institute, Sep. 28, 2008, https://pirsa.org/08090067


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Lev Vaidman Tel Aviv University


A brief review of the Two State Vector Formalism (TSVF) will be presented. It will be argued that we need to consider also backwards evolving quantum state because information given by forwards evolving quantum states is not complete. Both past and future measurements are required for providing complete information about quantum systems. Peculiar properties of pre- and post-selected quantum systems which can be efficiently analyzed in the framework of the TSVF and which can be observed using weak measurements will be described. An example is a particle reaching a certain location without being on the path that leads to and from this location. An extension of the TSVF to multiple space-time points will be discussed.