Gapless Spin Liquids in Two Dimensions


Fisher, M. (2010). Gapless Spin Liquids in Two Dimensions. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/10050075


Fisher, Matthew. Gapless Spin Liquids in Two Dimensions. Perimeter Institute, May. 27, 2010, https://pirsa.org/10050075


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Matthew Fisher University of California, Santa Barbara


Many crystalline materials predicted by band theory to be metals are insulators due to strong electron interactions. Both experiment and theory suggest that such Mott-insulators can exhibit exotic gapless spin-liquid ground states, having no magnetic or any other order. Such “critical spin liquids” will possess power law spin correlations which oscillate at various wavevectors. In a sub-class dubbed “Spin Bose-Metals” the singularities reside along surfaces in momentum space, analogous to a Fermi surface but without long-lived quasiparticle excitations. I will describe recent theoretical progress in accessing such states via controlled numerical and analytical studies on quasi-1d model systems.