The Search for New GeV-scale Forces


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Essig, Rouven. The Search for New GeV-scale Forces. Perimeter Institute, Feb. 09, 2011, https://pirsa.org/11020111


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Rouven Essig Stony Brook University

Talk Type Scientific Series


A new force mediated by a new vector boson with mass in the MeV to GeV range and with very weak coupling to ordinary matter appears naturally in many theoretical models and could also explain a variety of observed anomalies. Such anomalies include the discrepancy between the predicted and the experimentally observed value for the muon anomalous magnetic moment, and recent cosmic-ray data that can be explained by dark matter interacting through this force with ordinary matter. This talk will review the motivation for such a force and present a broad array of probes of this physics. These probes include high-luminosity e+e- colliders, such as BaBar and BELLE, whose existing data sets may contain thousands of spectacular events; new high-intensity fixed-target experiments at electron accelerators such as Jefferson Laboratory; and indirect astrophysical probes such as gamma-ray observations of Milky-Way dwarf satellite galaxies, which constitute some of the least luminous and most dark matter dominated galaxies known.