Uplifting AdS/CFT to Cosmology


Silverstein, E. (2011). Uplifting AdS/CFT to Cosmology. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/11060061


Silverstein, Eva. Uplifting AdS/CFT to Cosmology. Perimeter Institute, Jun. 23, 2011, https://pirsa.org/11060061


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Eva Silverstein Stanford University


Starting from AdS/CFT, one can introduce ingredients which produce cosmological solutions, including metastable de Sitter and its decay to FRW. In the de Sitter case, this produces a compact brane construction which mirrors the dS/dS correspondence realizing de Sitter as a pair of warped throats coupled to gravity. In the FRW case, I will present simple solutions sourced by magnetic flavor branes and explore their holographic description. The basic strategy is to exhibit a time-dependent warped metric on the solution and test the interpretation of the resulting region of gravitational redshift as a low energy effective field theory (EFT) by analyzing particle dynamics and correlation functions. At finite times, the EFT has a finite cutoff since system has a propagating lower dimensional graviton and a finite covariant entropy bound, but the graviton decouples at late times as the Planck mass goes off to infinity along with the entropy. This is work in collaboration with X. Dong, B. Horn, S. Matsuura, and G. Torroba. Along the way I will make some comments on the role of microscopic (UV complete) physics in cosmological holography and mention several different approaches to deriving landscape duals.