I will briefly review the predictions of the theory of the Selection of the Initial Conditions of the Universe from the Landscape Multiverse and focus on recent and upcoming evidence. In this theory, the wavefunction of the universe propagating on the landscape is localized via Anderson localization. Decoherence of the wavefunction is triggered by the backreaction of massive superhorizon fluctuations. Thus the selection of the initial conditions is determined by the quantum dynamics of gravitational (vacuum energy) vs. matter degrees of freedom. Dynamics selects only high energy universes as 'survivors' while low energy universe become 'terminal'. I will describe how the nonlocal quantum entanglement associated with decoherence provides a second source of perturbations and gives rise to a series of derived predictions. Three of the signatures of the theory predicted in 2006 (the giant void; a suppressed \sigma_8; and, the dark flow) were tested soon afterwards. The fourth prediction will be tested by LHC in a year.


Talk Number PIRSA:11070024
Speaker Profile Laura Mersini-Houghton