Signals of Hidden Antibaryonic Dark Matter


Morrissey, D. (2011). Signals of Hidden Antibaryonic Dark Matter. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/11090115


Morrissey, David. Signals of Hidden Antibaryonic Dark Matter. Perimeter Institute, Sep. 24, 2011, https://pirsa.org/11090115


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David Morrissey TRIUMF (Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics)


Many explanations have been proposed for the origin of dark matter and the creation of the baryon asymmetry, but very few of them address both cosmological puzzles at once. At the same time, the observed energy densities of dark matter and baryons are within a factor of five of each other hinting at a possible common origin. In this talk I will present a novel mechanism that generates both densities at once, with the dark matter species carrying a net baryon number. This gives rise to new and unusual dark matter signals such as the destruction of nucleons by dark matter scattering. I will describe some of these signals, and discuss how they might be detected in current and upcoming experiments and astrophysical observations.