Dark matter search at SNOLAB with DEAP-3600


Cai, B. (2011). Dark matter search at SNOLAB with DEAP-3600. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/11090127


Cai, Bei. Dark matter search at SNOLAB with DEAP-3600. Perimeter Institute, Sep. 24, 2011, https://pirsa.org/11090127


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Bei Cai Queen's University


DEAP-3600 is a dark matter experiment using 3600 kg of liquid argon for direct WIMP search, with a target sensitivity to the spin-independent WIMP-nucleon cross-section of 10^{-46} cm^2. The detector is currently under construction at SNOLAB, located 2 km underground in Sudbury. In this single-phase liquid argon experiment, discrimination of beta/gamma backgrounds from the WIMP-induced nuclear recoil signal will be achieved by analyzing the pulse shape of scintillation light. A prototype 7-kg liquid argon detector has been taking data at SNOLAB since 2007 and has allowed extensive background studies, including significant radon and surface contamination reduction. The status of the experiment and of background reduction studies will be presented.