Geometric Discord in Non-Inertial Frames


Brown, E. (2012). Geometric Discord in Non-Inertial Frames. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/12060058


Brown, Eric. Geometric Discord in Non-Inertial Frames. Perimeter Institute, Jun. 25, 2012, https://pirsa.org/12060058


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Eric Brown University of Chicago


I review the recent work performed on computing the geometric discord in non-inertial frames. We consider the well-known case of an inertially maximally entangled state shared by inertial Alice and non-inertial Robb. It is found that for high accelerations the geometric discord decays to a negligible amount; this is in stark contrast to the entropic definition of quantum discord which asymptotes to a finite value in the same limit. Such a result has two different implications: the first being that usable quantum correlations are more limited in this regime than previously thought and the second being that geometric discord may not be a sufficient measure of quantum correlations. I will discuss both of these perspectives.