Neutrino as Majorana zero modes


Gu, Z. (2013). Neutrino as Majorana zero modes. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/13050057


Gu, Zheng-Cheng. Neutrino as Majorana zero modes. Perimeter Institute, May. 14, 2013, https://pirsa.org/13050057


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Zheng-Cheng Gu Chinese University of Hong Kong

Talk Type Scientific Series


The existence of three generations of neutrinos and their mass mixing is a deep mystery of our universe. Majorana's elegant work on the real solution of Dirac equation predicted the existence of Majorana particles in our nature, unfortunately, these Majorana particles have never been observed. In this talk, I will begin with a simple 1D condensed matter model which realizes a T^2=-1time reversal symmetry protected superconductors and then discuss the physical property of its boundary Majorana zero modes. It is shown that these Majorana zero modes realize a T^4=-1 time reversal doubelets and carry 1/4 spin. Such a simple observation motivates us to revisit the CPT symmetry of those ghost particles--neutrinos by assuming that they are topological Majorana particles made by four
Majorana zero modes. Interestingly, we find that Majorana zero modes will realize a P^4=-1 parity symmetry as well. It can even realize a nontrivial C^4=-1 charge conjugation symmetry, which is a big surprise from a usual perspective that the charge conjugation symmetry for a Majorana particle is trivial. Indeed, such a C^4=-1 charge conjugation symmetry can be promoted to a Z_2 gauge symmetry and its spontaneously breaking leads to the origin of neutrino mass. We further attribute
the origin of three generations of neutrinos to three distinguishable ways of defining two complex fermions from four Majorana zero modes.
The above assumptions lead to a D2 symmetry in the generation space and uniquely determine the mass mixing matrix with no adjustable parameters! In the absence of CP violation, we derive
\theta_12=32degree, \theta_23=45degree and \theta_13=0degree, which is intrinsically closed to
the current experimental results. We further predict an exact mass ratio of the three mass eigenstate with m_1/m_3=m_2/m_3=3/\sqrt{5}.