Diffeomorphism Invariant Gauge Theories


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Krasnov, Kirill. Diffeomorphism Invariant Gauge Theories. Perimeter Institute, Jul. 26, 2013, https://pirsa.org/13070081


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Kirill Krasnov University of Nottingham

Talk Type Conference


I will describe a very large class of gauge theories that do not use any external structure such as e.g. a spacetime metric in their construction. When the gauge group is taken to be SL(2) these theories describe interacting gravitons, with GR being just a particular member of a whole family of gravity theories. Taking larger gauge groups one obtains gravity coupled to various matter systems. In particular, I will show how gravity together with Yang-Mills gauge fields arise from one and the same diffeomorphism invariant gauge theory Lagrangian. Finally, I will describe what is known about these theories quantum mechanically.