Blobbed topological recursion


Borot, G. (2013). Blobbed topological recursion. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/13100118


Borot, Gaetan. Blobbed topological recursion. Perimeter Institute, Oct. 22, 2013, https://pirsa.org/13100118


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Hermitian matrix models have been used since the early days of 2d quantum gravity, as generating series of discrete surfaces, and sometimes toy models for string theory. The single trace matrix models (with measure dM exp( - N Tr V(M)) have been solved in a 1/N expansion in the 90s by the moment method of Ambjorn et al. Later, Eynard showed that it can be rewritten more intrinsically in terms of algebraic geometry of the spectral curve, and formulated the so-called topological recursion. In a similar way, we will show that double hermitian matrix models are solved by the same topological recursion, and more generally, that arbitrary hermitian matrix models are solved by a "blobbed topological recursion", whose properties still have to be investigated.