Tissue topology such as proliferating epithelium topology shows striking similarities for various species. Thissuggests unified mechanism for tissue formation which can be explored with the help of physical or mathematicalmodels. Indeed it has been shown that cell divisions along with local cell rearrangements can reproduce commonlyobserved epithelium topology by using topological models.Tightly packed cells in epithelium resemble polygons. This observation gave rise to models where cells aretreated as polygons in junctional network. These models were used to investigate effects of cell mechanics andcell divisions on topology.In some cases cells undergo extensive rearrangements during tissue formation which dramatically alters tissuetopology. Based on our previous work we propose single cell based mechanical model which can naturallyaccount for cell rearrangements. Importantly this model takes into account cell elasticity and adhesion. Cellgrowth is controlled by hydrostatic pressure.In this work we study the the dynamics of tissue growth and the influence of cell mechanics and various division mechanisms on tissue formation.We also consider different growth mechanisms and investigate their effects on tissue topology.


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