As an extension to previous ab initio studies on water [12] we present 400 psBorn-Oppenheimer ab initio Molecular dynamics study on water at deep supercooled temperatures (down to 220 K) and confirm a crossover from a fragile to strongliquid around the Widom line. This crossover is accompanied by the passage from relatively weaker hydrogen bonds in the dominantly high density liquid (HDL) at high temperatures to strong hydrogen bond in dominantly low density liquid (LDL). This crossover is accompanied by a maximum in the excess specific heat at constant volume and may lend further support to the existence of a liquid-liquid critical point (LLCP) in supercooled water as was predicted by Peter Poole and collaborators using ST2 water model[3].References[1] J. T. Titantah and M. Karttunen Long-Time Correlations and Hydrophobe-Modified Hydrogen-Bonding Dynamics in Hydrophobic Hydration. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 134 9362 (2012)[2] J. T. Titantah and M. Karttunen Water dynamics: Relation between hydrogen bond bifurcations molecular jumps local density & hydrophobicity. Sci. Rep. 3 2991 (2013)[3] Poole P. H. Sciortino F. Essmann U. & Stanley H. E. Phase behaviour of metastable water. Nature 360 324328 (1992)


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