The principal chiral sigma model (PCSM) in 1+1 dimensions is asymptotically free and has as SU(N)-valued field with massive excitations. We have found all the exact form factors and two-point function of the Noether-current operators at large N using the integrable bootstrap program. At finite N, only the first non-trivial form factors are found, which give a good long distance approximation for the two-point function. We show how to use these new exact results to study non-integrable deformations. One example is the PCSM coupled to a Yang-Mills field. One can approximate the spectrum of the meson-like bound states using our form factors. We also examine an anisotropic version of (2+1)-dimensional Yang-Mills theory, which can be interpreted as an array of coupled PCSM’s.


Talk Number PIRSA:13120068
Speaker Profile Axel Cortes Cubero