Dynamical analogue quantum simulators


Eisert, J. (2014). Dynamical analogue quantum simulators. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/14050068


Eisert, Jens. Dynamical analogue quantum simulators. Perimeter Institute, May. 12, 2014, https://pirsa.org/14050068


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Jens Eisert Freie Universität Berlin

Talk Type Conference


Complex quantum systems out of equilibrium are at the basis of a number of long-standing questions in physics. This talk will be concerned on the one hand with recent progress on understanding how quantum many-body systems out of equilibrium eventually come to rest, thermalise and cross phase transitions, on the other hand with dynamical analogue quantum simulations using cold atoms [1-4]. In an outlook, we will discuss the question of certification of quantum simulators, and will how this problem also arises in other related settings, such as in Boson samplers [5,6]. [1] S. Braun, M. Friesdorf, S. S. Hodgman, M. Schreiber, J. P. Ronzheimer, A. Riera, M. del Rey, I. Bloch, J. Eisert, U. Schneider, arXiv:1403.7199.
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