Computer Algebra for Theoretical Physics


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Cheb-Terrab, Edgardo. Computer Algebra for Theoretical Physics. Perimeter Institute, Oct. 07, 2014, https://pirsa.org/14100068


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Talk Type Scientific Series


Generally speaking, physicists still experience that computing with paper and pencil is in most cases simpler than computing on a Computer Algebra worksheet. On the other hand, recent developments in the Maple system implemented most of the mathematical objects and mathematics used in theoretical physics computations, and dramatically approximated the notation used in the computer to the one used in paper and pencil, diminishing the learning gap and computer-syntax distraction to a strict minimum. In connection, in this talk the Physics project at Maplesoft is presented and the resulting Physics package illustrated tackling problems in classical and quantum mechanics, general relativity and field theory. In addition to the 10 a.m lecture, there will be a hands-on workshop at 1pm in the Alice Room. Feel free to join!