Geometry from Compression


Sully, J. (2015). Geometry from Compression. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/15020080


Sully, James. Geometry from Compression. Perimeter Institute, Feb. 03, 2015, https://pirsa.org/15020080


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Recent research has suggested deep connections between geometry and entropy. This connection was first seen in black hole thermodynamics, but has been more fully realized in the Ryu-Takayanagi proposal for calculating entanglement entropies in AdS/CFT. We suggest that this connection is even broader: entropy, and in particular compression, are the fundamental building blocks of emergent geometry. We demonstrate how spatial geometry can be derived from the properties of a recursive compression algorithm for the boundary CFT. We propose a general algorithm for constructing MERA-like tensor networks and elucidate connections to the mathematical field of integral geometry.