Highly Entangled Quantum Matter


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Grover, Tarun. Highly Entangled Quantum Matter. Perimeter Institute, Mar. 09, 2015, https://pirsa.org/15030117


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Tarun Grover University of California, San Diego

Talk Type Scientific Series


The interplay of quantum mechanics and inter-particle interactions leads to enormously rich tapestry of quantum phases of matter. In this talk I will illustrate the unique synthesis offered by quantum entanglement on the landscape of quantum phases. I will especially discuss phases which do not show any kind of ordering even at the absolute zero temperature, two prime examples being spin liquids and quantum Hall phases. These phases are fascinating because they can exhibit extraordinary properties such as emergent fermions in a system composed only of bosons, or systems where the elementary excitations are neither fermions, nor bosons (“anyons”). I will discuss how quantum entanglement not only plays a crucial role in characterizing and diagnosing such quantum disordered phases, but in fact it also sheds light on their stability.