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Strange and exciting world of muonic atoms
Speaker(s): Maxim Pospelov

Recent landmark measurement of the muonic hydrogen Lamb shift generated more questions than answers, as it stands in a sharp disagreement with what was predicted based on known properties of muons and protons. It adds on top of the existing anomalies in the muon sector (discrepancy in g-2 and in radiative muon capture). I will critically review some suggestions for the new physics explanations of these anomalies, and describe their implications. One of the outstanding effects, not tested for muons, is the parity violation in the neutral current channel, which has proven to be an extremely difficult problem, and where the enhancement relative to the standard model prediction is still possible. Following my suggestion for a new way to approach this measurement, this summer the Paul Scherrer Institute in Switzerland will conduct a preliminary muonic atom experiment, tentatively called mu-ARC.

Date: 12/05/2015 - 10:00 am
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