A quantum entanglement is a special kind of correlation; it may yield a strong correlation that is not possible in a classical ensemble, or hide the correlation from all local observables. Especially important is the entanglement that arises from local interactions for its implications in many-body physics and future’s quantum technologies.
I will review a few characteristics of entangled qubits in connection to fault-tolerant quantum information processing, and present a class of long-range entangled many-body states that are ground states of gapped local Hamiltonians on lattices. The class is qualitatively unconventional in many ways, and substantially boosts the richness of many-body entanglement. Implications in mechanisms of localization, renormalization group flow, quantum information storage, and topological order will be discussed.


Talk Number PIRSA:15110080
Speaker Profile Jeongwan Haah
Collection Colloquium