Cosmological Variations


Kaplan, D. (2017). Cosmological Variations. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/17040006


Kaplan, David. Cosmological Variations. Perimeter Institute, Apr. 12, 2017, https://pirsa.org/17040006


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David E. Kaplan Johns Hopkins University - Department of Physics & Astronomy

Talk Type Scientific Series


I present three possible non-standard additions to cosmology.  First I show that a very long early period of inflation could exist in which parameters evolve, or 'relax', to seemingly fine-tuned values.  Next, I show that even if cosmic inflation existed, a period after inflation with anisotropic stress can dramatically affect super-horizon modes and thus the imprint on the cosmic microwave background.  Finally, I show that cosmological singularities can be avoided by a bounce without using exotic matter that violates the Null Energy Condition, but by the addition of vorticity in compact extra dimensions.