In this talk I show how to systematically classify all possible alternatives to the measurement postulates of quantum theory. All alternative measurement postulates are in correspondence with a representation of the unitary group. I will discuss composite systems in these alternative theories and show that they violate two operational properties: purification and local tomography. This shows that one can derive the measurement postulates of quantum theory from either of these properties. I will discuss the relevance of this result to the field of general probabilistic theories. In a second part of the talk I will discuss work in progress and directions for future research. I will show how to generalise the framework used to theories which have different pure states and dynamics than quantum theory. I will discuss two types of theories which can be studied in this framework: Grassmannian theories (same dynamical group and different pure states to quantum theory) and non-linear modifications to the Schrodinger equation (same pure states and different dynamical group).


Talk Number PIRSA:18020086
Speaker Profile Thomas Galley
Collection Quantum Foundations