Open is the New Black: Really?


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Nicolas Erdody Open Parellel Ltd.


Through the last 20-25 years “we won” many battles in the evolution of FLOSS into mainstream. No one can ignore today the role of open source in software, hardware, high-tech and even business development. However everything seems to be open today: Open Data, Open Innovation, Open Government, Open Research...what do we mean by that? Has “open” the same meaning in all of them? How reliable are the results from such openness? What about policies and science and technologies designed on top of them? This talk will share Open Parallel’s five years journey through the pre-construction challenges of the largest scientific instrument of the next decade -the Square Kilometre Array radio-telescope (SKA). Will present how a non-central country as New Zealand has a say on its design plus how open source software will be core to its success. Being involved in the OS side of the SKA, will also share some concerns around black swans and ask a few questions around cybersecurity. Open Science? Yeah, right.