Starting from the well known Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector of the Kepler problem, I will introduce a notion of dynamical (hidden)
symmetries. These are genuine phase space symmetries that stand in contrast to the more familiar symmetries of the configuration space
discussed in truncated versions of Noether's theorem. Proceeding to a relativistic description, I will demonstrate that such symmetries -- encoded
in the so called Killing-Yano tensors -- play a crucial role in the study of rotating black holes described by the Kerr geometry. Even more remarkably, I will show that one such special symmetry is enough to guarantee complete integrability of particle and light motion in general rotating black hole spacetimes in an arbitrary
number of spacetime dimensions. Recent developments on the separability of test fields in these spacetimes will also be discussed.


Talk Number PIRSA:18030117
Speaker Profile David Kubiznak
Collection Strong Gravity