Keeping the Standard Model Safe


Mann, R. (2018). Keeping the Standard Model Safe. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/18060020


Mann, Robert. Keeping the Standard Model Safe. Perimeter Institute, Jun. 07, 2018, https://pirsa.org/18060020


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Robert Mann University of Waterloo


An increasing number of researchers are considering the possibility that the Standard Model, appropriately extended, can attain an interacting ultraviolet fixed point. Such a theory could, in the Wilsonian sense, be regarded as a fundamental theory. I will describe recent work that shows this goal is attainable in principle by adding gauged vector-like fermions to the Standard Model, in the limit of a large number of fermion fields. With this proof-of-principle demonstration, the challenge now to find realistic asymptotically safe extensions of the Standard Model with interesting and falsifiable phenomenological signatures