What does it mean for quantum state to be genuinely fully multipartite? Some would say, whenever the state cannot be decomposed as a mixture of states each of which has no entanglement across some partition. I'll argue that this partition-centric thinking is ill-suited for the task of assessing the connectivity of the network required to realize the state. I'll introduce a network-centric perspective for classifying multipartite entanglement, and it's natural device-independent counterpart, namely a network-centric perspective for classifying multipartite nonclassicality of correlations. Time permitting, we can then explore semidefinite programming (SDP) algorithms for convex optimization over k-partite-entangled states and k-partite-nonlocal correlations relative to the network-centric classification. Joint work with Denis Rosset and others. We will compare the new quantum-inflation techniques to the classical inflation of arXiv:1609.00672. I'll share a few results made possible by these SDPs, while being openly critical about some disappointing apparent limitations.


Talk Number PIRSA:18100102
Speaker Profile Elie Wolfe
Collection Quantum Foundations