Counter-diabatic driving in many-body systems


Sels, D. (2019). Counter-diabatic driving in many-body systems. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/19030124


Sels, Dries. Counter-diabatic driving in many-body systems. Perimeter Institute, Mar. 28, 2019, https://pirsa.org/19030124


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Dries Sels New York University (NYU)

Talk Type Scientific Series


Adiabatic evolution is a common strategy for manipulating quantum states. However, it is inherently slow and therefore susceptible to decoherence. Shortcuts to adiabaticity are methods of achieving faster adiabatic evolution, in order to maintain high fidelity in the presence of decoherence and noise. In this talk I will review recent progress on counter-diabatic (CD) driving for many-body systems. In particular, we will discuss a variational principle that allows to systematically compute approximate CD Hamiltonians. Two recent experiments will be discussed.