Domain Walls in Super-QCD


Benini, F. (2019). Domain Walls in Super-QCD. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/19080058


Benini, Francesco. Domain Walls in Super-QCD. Perimeter Institute, Aug. 06, 2019, https://pirsa.org/19080058


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Francesco Benini SISSA International School for Advanced Studies


Four-dimensional Yang-Mills and (massive) QCD with minimal N=1 supersymmetry are theories with multiple gapped vacua. Therefore, different regions of space can sit in different vacua and be connected by BPS domain walls. I will present a compact 3D worldvolume description of the walls, capable of classifying all possible BPS walls between vacua and of capturing a 2nd order phase transition as the quark mass is varied. Such a proposal will be confirmed by explicit 4D constructions of BPS domain walls, extending the existing literature.