Entanglement entropy in topologically ordered matter phases has been computed extensively using various methods. In this talk, we study the entanglement entropy of 2D topological phases from the perspective of quasiparticle fluctuations. In this picture, the entanglement spectrum of a topologically ordered system encodes the quasiparticle fluctuations of the system, and the entanglement entropy measures the maximal quasiparticle fluctuations on the entanglement boundary. As a consequence, entanglement entropy corresponds to the thermal entropy of the quasiparticles at infinite temperature on the entanglement boundary. We corroborates our results with explicit computation in the quantum double model with/without boundaries. We then systematically construct the reduced density matrices of the quantum double model on generic 2-surfaces with boundaries. 


Talk Number PIRSA:19090105
Speaker Profile Yuting Hu
Collection Condensed Matter