Recently, a lot of attention has been dedicated to a novel class of topological systems, called higher-order topological insulators (TIs). The reason is that, while a conventional d-dimensional TI exhibits (d-1)-dimensional gapless boundary modes, a d-dimensional nth-order TI hosts gapless modes at its (d-n)-dimensional boundaries only, generalizing in this way the notion of bulk-boundary correspondence. In this talk I will show the results of our recent study of such systems in two and three dimensions. I will briefly describe a few specific proposals to engineer such systems in practice. I will also present a simple method which can be used to read out the resulting topological phase diagrams experimentally. I will conclude by saying why the higher-order TIs are promising to study the interplay of topology and interactions and how Machine learning can help us to better understand these novel topological states.


Talk Number PIRSA:20060020
Speaker Profile Kirill Piekhanov
Collection Condensed Matter