Towards Microscopic Models of Big Bang Cosmology


Van Raamsdonk, M. (2020). Towards Microscopic Models of Big Bang Cosmology. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/20090021


Van Raamsdonk, Mark. Towards Microscopic Models of Big Bang Cosmology. Perimeter Institute, Sep. 29, 2020, https://pirsa.org/20090021


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Mark Van Raamsdonk University of British Columbia


In this talk, we review an approach to describing cosmological physics using ordinary AdS/CFT, where the cosmological physics is the effective description of an end-of-the-world brane which cuts off the second asymptotic region of a two-sided black hole. The worldvolume geometry of the brane is an FRW big-bang/big-crunch spacetime. Infavorable circumstances, the brane acts as a Randall-Sundrum Planck brane so that gravity localizes. We describe a microscopic construction for such an end-of-the-world brane with localized gravity in AdS/CFT, starting from N=4 SYM theory. We suggest specific microscopic states of N=4 SYM theory that may encode the physics in a four-dimensional cosmological spacetime.