We present a quantum architecture based on a linear chain of trapped 171Yb+ ions with individual laser beam addressing and readout. The collective modes of motion in the chain are used to efficiently produce entangling gates between any qubit pair. In combination with a classical software stack, this becomes in effect an arbitrarily programmable and fully connected quantum computer. The system compares favorably to commercially available alternatives [2].
We use this versatile setup to perform a quantum walk algorithm that realizes a simulation of the free Dirac equation where the quantum coin determines the particle mass [3]. We are also pursuing digital simulations towards models relevant in high-energy physics among other applications. Recent results from these efforts, and concepts for expanding and scaling up the architecture will be discussed.
[1] S. Debnath et al., Nature 563:63 (2016); P. Murali et al., IEEE Micro, 40:3 (2020); [3] C. Huerta Alderete et al., Nat. Communs. 11:3720 (2020).


Talk Number PIRSA:20100004
Speaker Profile Norbert Matthias Linke
Collection Colloquium