"I will introduce a tensor-network based language for classifying topological phases via fixed-point models. The "models" will be tensor networks formalizing a discrete Euclidean path integral living in a topological space-time, and can be obtained from Hamiltonian models by Trotterizing the imaginary time evolution. Topological fixed-point models are invariant under topology-preserving space-time deformations. Space-time manifolds and homeomorphisms can be combinatorially represented by graph-like "networks", which together with "moves" form a "liquid". The networks can be interpreted as tensor networks, and the moves as equations which determine the fixed-point models. Different combinatorial representations of the same space-times yield new kinds of fixed-point models. Given the limited time, I will stick to very simple examples in 1+1 dimensions for this talk."


Talk Number PIRSA:20110024
Speaker Profile Andreas Bauer