Recently, a new class of kagomé metals, with chemical formula AV3Sb5, where A = K, Rb, or Cs, have emerged as an exciting realization of quasi-2D correlated metals with hexagonal symmetry. These materials have been shown to display several electronic orders setting in through thermodynamic phase transitions: multi-component (“3Q”) hexagonal charge density wave (CDW) order below a Tc≈90K, andsuperconductivity with critical temperature of 2.5K or smaller, and some indications of nematicity and one-dimensional charge order in the normal and superconducting states. Other experiments show a strong anomalous Hall effect, suggesting possible topological physics.  I will discuss a theory of these phenomena based in part on strong interactions between electrons at saddle points, as well as ideas related to different competing density wave orders.


Talk Number PIRSA:21040012
Speaker Profile Leon Balents