We present EMRISur1dq1e6, a reduced-order multi-mode time-domain surrogate model of gravitational waveforms for non-spinning black hole binary systems with comparable- to extreme mass-ratio configurations. This surrogate model is trained on waveform data generated by a point-particle black hole perturbation theory (ppBHPT) framework computed from a high-performance Teukolsky equation solver code. In the comparable mass-ratio regime, the gravitational waveforms generated through ppBHPT agree surprisingly well with those from full numerical relativity after scaling of the ppBHPT’s total mass parameter. This model extends the EMRISur1dq1e4 waveform model, which spans 13,500M in duration and includes modes only up to (l,m)=(5,5). EMRISur1dq1e6, on the other hand, covers mass ratios from 3 to 1,00,000, can generate waveforms of duration up to 350,000M, and includes several spherical harmonic modes up to (l,m)=(10,10). The accuracy of training data is further improved by employing an updated plunge model in the ppBHPT framework. EMRISur1dq1e6 surrogate model has been extended to enable data analysis studies in the high-mass ratio regime, including potential intermediate mass-ratio signals from LIGO/Virgo and events of interest to the future observatories such as Einstein Telescope, Voyager and Cosmic Explorer.


Talk Number PIRSA:21060009
Speaker Profile Tousif Islam