We use the frequency and time domain Teukolsky formalism to calculate gravitational wave fluxes from a spinning body on a bound eccentric equatorial orbit around a Kerr black hole. The spinning body is represented as a point particle following the pole-dipole approximation of the Mathisson-Papapetrou-Dixon equations. Reformulating these equations we are not only able to find the trajectory of a spinning particle in terms of its constants of motion, but also to provide a method to calculate the azimuthal and the radial frequency of this trajectory. Using these orbital quantities, we introduce the machinery to calculate through the frequency domain Teukolsky formalism the energy and the angular momentum fluxes at infinity, and at the horizon, along with the gravitational strain at infinity. We crosscheck the results obtained from the frequency domain approach with the results obtained from a time domain Teukolsky equation solver called Teukode.


Talk Number PIRSA:21060062
Speaker Profile Viktor Skoupý