Capra Wrap-up, and the road ahead


Whiting, B. (2021). Capra Wrap-up, and the road ahead. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/21060082


Whiting, Bernard. Capra Wrap-up, and the road ahead. Perimeter Institute, Jun. 11, 2021, https://pirsa.org/21060082


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Bernard Whiting University of Florida


In the last quarter century, Capra has grown from a mere handful of people to a fully international meeting, which now represents a large diversity of interests. In that time, much progress has been made: many aspects of the first order problem are now in hand, and a multitude of techniques has been formulated for eventually use in full EMRI waveform generation. Yet, much needs to be done, most notably at second order. In Capra meetings of the past, we have often recognized the need to reach out to the younger generation. I think efforts in that direction have clearly been effective. At some Capra meetings, specific problems have often taken focus, both in discussions at the meeting, and in the work that evolves over the coming year. From experience, we know this approach has also clearly paid off. From the discussions that have taken place here, we need to go forward with specific goals for the year ahead, drawing wherever possible on the diversity we now have before us. Great things can be achieved if great problems are tackled. What have we formulated to work on as a community together before we can meet again in 2022?