Kappa-Minkowski: physics with noncommutative time


Mercati, F. (2021). Kappa-Minkowski: physics with noncommutative time. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/21060088


Mercati, Flavio. Kappa-Minkowski: physics with noncommutative time. Perimeter Institute, Jun. 14, 2021, https://pirsa.org/21060088


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Flavio Mercati University of Naples Federico II

Talk Type Conference


The kappa-Minkowski noncommutative spacetime has been studied for a long time as an example of quantum spacetime with nontrivial commutation relations between spatial and temporal coordinates which, at first sight, seem to break Poincaré invariance. However kappa-Minkowski is invariant under a Hopf-algebra deformation of the Poincaré group, which involves some noncommutative structures that prevent the sharp localization of reference frames. I will describe recent progress towards the consistent construction of quantum field theories on this spacetime, and the identification of physical predictions that genuinely distinguish kappa-Minkowski from ordinary, commutative Minkowski spacetime.