Several anomalies have been recently reported by different laboratory experiments: the flavor anomalies involving B meson semileptonic and leptonic decays by the LHCb and B-factories, as well as the anomalous muon (g-2) by the Fermilab (g-2) collaboration. These deviations, if not coming from underestimated experimental or theoretical uncertainties, are pointing to new degrees of freedom around the few TeV scale. Enlarging the field content of the Standard Model may lead to baryon number violation, whose aggressive experimental constraints can rule out a wide range of attractive candidates. Motivated by its safeness under unacceptable baryon number violation and the possibility for having TeV scale physics, I will introduce the simplest theory for matter (leptons-quarks) unification based on the Pati-Salam symmetry and show how this theory can address both the flavor anomalies and the muon (g-2) with the scalar leptoquarks that it predicts.

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