I will first give a brief overview of my research in the field of out-of-equilibrium quantum many-
body physics, ranging from the theory of many-body localization, to the recent application of Tensor

Processing Units for accelerating simulations of quantum dynamics. I’ll then focus on (1) the

experimental observation and theoretical explanation of subdiffusive dynamics in a “tilted” Fermi-
Hubbard system [PRX 10, 011042 (2020)], and (2) a “freezing” phase transition between weak and

strong ergodicity breaking in systems with particles that are immobile by themselves, but undergo
coordinated pair hopping [PRB 101, 214205 (2020)]. These topics contain the common thread of
either an emergent or microscopic conservation of the dipole moment (center of mass of the particle
distribution), and I will provide simple pictures for how this leads to the subdiffusion and ergodicity


Talk Number PIRSA:21120005
Speaker Profile Alan Morningstar
Collection Condensed Matter