Pseudospectrum of black holes and compact objects


Destounis, K. (2022). Pseudospectrum of black holes and compact objects. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/22020049


Destounis, Kyriakos. Pseudospectrum of black holes and compact objects. Perimeter Institute, Feb. 03, 2022, https://pirsa.org/22020049


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Kyriakos Destounis University of Tübingen

Talk Type Scientific Series


Black hole spectroscopy is a powerful tool to probe the Kerr nature of astrophysical compact objects and their environment. The observation of multiple ringdown modes in gravitational waveforms could soon lead to high-precision gravitational spectroscopy, thus it is critical to understand if the quasinormal mode spectrum itself is stable against perturbations. In this talk, I will review the pseudospectrum, a mathematical tool which can shed light on the spectral stability of quasinormal modes, and discuss its novel applications in black holes and exotic compact objects. Furthermore, I will demonstrate that quasinormal spectra generically suffer from spectral instabilities and will argue how such
behavior may affect black hole spectroscopy.

Zoom Link: https://pitp.zoom.us/j/99111452809?pwd=bVp6TVdYQkJzU0Mvd2MxY2piclMzUT09