Emergent times in holography


Liu, H. (2022). Emergent times in holography. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/22030032


Liu, Hong. Emergent times in holography. Perimeter Institute, Mar. 22, 2022, https://pirsa.org/22030032


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Hong Liu Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - Department of Physics


In holographic duality an eternal AdS black hole is described by two copies of the boundary CFT in the thermofield double state. We provide explicit constructions in the boundary theory of infalling time evolutions which can take bulk observers behind the horizon. The constructions also help to illuminate the boundary emergence of the black hole horizons, the interiors, and the associated causal structure. A key element is the emergence, in the large N limit of the boundary theory, of a type III1 von Neumann algebraic structure and the half-sided modular translation structure associated with it.

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