Viewing asymptotic symmetries through conformal mappings


Chen, H.Z. (2022). Viewing asymptotic symmetries through conformal mappings. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/22060059


Chen, Hong Zhe. Viewing asymptotic symmetries through conformal mappings. Perimeter Institute, Jun. 22, 2022, https://pirsa.org/22060059


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Hong Zhe (Vincent) Chen University of California, Santa Barbara

Talk Type Conference


Over the past decade, many infrared phenomena of gauge theories, such as soft theorems and memory effects, have been shown to be manifestations of asymptotic symmetries which persist to the spacetime boundary. In this talk, I will discuss ongoing work, in collaboration with Robert Myers and Ana-Maria Raclariu, which recasts the asymptotic symmetries of gauge theories in Minkowski spacetime through conformal mappings. Through a mapping to the Einstein static universe, I will describe how conservation of asymptotic charge can be viewed as a smoothness constraint for image sources passing through spacelike infinity. Additionally, I will sketch how asymptotic charge flux through a subregion of null infinity is mapped to edge modes. This will then allow us to quantify fluctuations in asymptotic charge flux by relation to edge mode entropies, which have been well-studied in literature. Altogether, the general theme of my talk will be how new insights can be obtained by conformally mapping asymptotic structures of gauge theories to various settings.