GWs from high-quality axionic defects


Pujolas, O. (2022). GWs from high-quality axionic defects. Perimeter Institute. https://pirsa.org/22070027


Pujolas, Oriol. GWs from high-quality axionic defects. Perimeter Institute, Jul. 20, 2022, https://pirsa.org/22070027


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Oriol Pujolas New York University (NYU)

Talk Type Scientific Series


The axion solution to the strong CP problem has many virtues but it suffers from the so-called quality problem. This problem is avoided in heavy axion realizations which, however, are harder to probe experimentally. I will show how generic heavy axion models can be tested in current and future gravitational wave (GW) observatories, due to the cosmological GW background produced by the axionic topological defects. Moreover, the resulting GW signal is correlated with a sizable strong CP phase, within reach of upcoming neutron electric dipole moment measurements.

Zoom link:  https://pitp.zoom.us/j/99150077172?pwd=UWhkZVdzV2lCQittWXVtMnludXBkUT09